JuncDB database describes the exon-exon architecture of transcripts in 88 eukaryotic species (with representatives from metazoan, fungi, plants and protists), and describes nearly 40,000 ortholog sets.
The architectures are displayed in a comparative way, based on ortholog sets derived from four databases: OrthoDB, Homologene, Compara, and OrthoMCL.

For each orthology, data is provided on all the transcripts/proteins in the set, the multiple alignments at both the mRNA and protein levels, the species in which the transcript was identified and the exon-exon positions.

The database is designed to serve as a basic research tool for two communities:

  1. Those who study large-scale evolution of gene architecture
  2. Those who are interested in intron function and evolution in particular genes of interest


  • Orthology Databases: 4
  • Ortholog Sets: 37,122
  • Genes: 42,347
  • Transcripts: 233,057
  • Species: 88