Building a Query

A query can consist of a list of identifiers and/or a set of species.
JuncDB supports the following identifiers:

  1. Ensembl Gene ID
  2. Ensembl Transcript ID
  3. Ensembl Protein ID
  4. RefSeq mRNA
  5. RefSeq Protein
  6. Gene Symbol
  7. Entrez Gene ID
  8. Orthologous Group Name

Please note that the search is case insensitive

The default behavior of the species selection, is to return groups containing 'At least one of' the selected species.
In order to force the groups to contain all selected species, please check the 'All of' checkbox.

For more details on each section of the query builder, click on the in the Query page.

Orthologs Details

The full details can be seen by clicking on the button, to the right of each row in the Browse or Query Results tables.
To get a description of each section in the Details page, click on the next to each section title.

Orthologs Download

In order to download the full details, you can either click on the button to the right of each row in the Browse or Query Results tables, or click on the button just below the Orthologs Set name.

Please note, all our data is available for download in the Download page.